Laying Foundations for Change: Capital Investments of The Atlantic Philanthropies

$2.5 Billion. 1,000+ Buildings.
5 Continents. Countless Lives Improved.


Imagine having the resources to dramatically alter the lives of people, communities, even nations. Then imagine an unassuming man and his philanthropic organization making it a reality.

That’s what this book is about.

Capital Grants By Geography and Decade

During Atlantic’s first two decades (1980s and 1990s), the foundation focused on strengthening higher education and health care and operated anonymously at Chuck Feeney’s direction. During the second two decades (2000s and 2010s), its focus shifted to issues of aging, children and youth, population health, and reconciliation and human rights. During this time, Atlantic committed to complete all grantmaking by 2016 and to close soon thereafter.

Over 35 years, Atlantic invested more than $2.5 billion in capital projects and a total of $8 billion to enhance opportunities and improve the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people around the world.

Area 1980s 1990s
Australia - $26.9 Million
Bermuda - $250,000
Cuba - -
Ireland $100,000 $325.2 Million
South Africa - -
United States $45 Million $262.8 Million
Viet Nam - $545,000
Other - $50 Million
Totals $45.1 Million $715.7 Million
Area 2000s 2010s
Australia $243.2 Million $23.3 Million
Bermuda $750,000 -
Cuba $17.7 Million $8.5 Million
Ireland $396.3 Million $54.5 Million
South Africa $49.8 Million $3.6 Million
United States $441.1 Million $374 Million
Viet Nam $160 Million $18.3 Million
Other $39.5 Million -
Totals $1.3 Billion $482.2 Million